• Dev Gnoll

    Dev Gnoll

    A Gnoll corsair trying to find his way home
  • Gabrio


    Human, espadachin and former member of the church.
  • Lord Blackcrow

    Lord Blackcrow

    Half-Giant Lord of Mawkeep
  • Phillip Mettler

    Phillip Mettler

    The very archetype of the arrogant technocrat; Phillip makes his fashion statement by accesorizing his work coveralls with fine fabrics. Impatient with irrelevant artsy people, he relies on facts.
  • Pierre Lyle

    Pierre Lyle

    Grandmaster Craftsman of the Guild of Hands
  • Sehani Lýth'lás Evárthí

    Sehani Lýth'lás Evárthí

    Half elven hedge witch and wanderer.
  • Solalona


    Travelling Performer and Refugee from the South