Humans: A formerly primitive race, the Humans adapted quite naturally into the tech level of the period, and hold a prominent position of power. The Human Empire of the Central lands is the most powerful of Human nations. It was built on the ashes of the Old Elvish Empire, and spans a large portion of its original size, as far south as the Deep Bog. Further south are the forgotten lands and the Shattered Kingdoms, a series of Human lands with constantly changing borders and alliances (imagine the principalities of old Germany). There is also a smaller Human nation called the Kingdom of Sorias Humans are known for their pike-men and cavalry units, but they lack units of riflemen when compared to other major nations, although black-powder is not uncommon in their armies.

The Human Empire is split into three parts. The northernmost part includes all lands north of the God Tooth Mountains and west of the Gate Plateau. The second part is all east of Grimston south of the God Tooth Mountains, and north of them, the Gate Plateau eastwards. The third and largest part is situated from the Western Reaches to the farthest south that the empire stretches in the Deep Bog and the Southreach Grasslands. The Southern Part is dominated by the Duotheistic Church of the Human Empire, commanding powerful political strings and waging constant war on the neighboring Elves in the Farwood. The Eastern Part is considered the poorest, yet the most powerful. Its massive standing armies are situated in various old castles and forts along the Hellmaw Mountains, most of which on the Gate Plateau. The Northern Part is the political center of the Human Empire as it is situated near the Dwarves and the Ogres, both powerful political entities in their own right. This part is also the home to the Human Empire’s capitol city of Riversway, the home of trade and commerce in the Human Empire, as well as its navy (proud despite being dwarfed by the other nearby navies, no pun intended).

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